Here at Graff Young Plants, we are pleased to announce our 3. crop within the portifolio. We have been granted a lincese from Sakata to sell young plants of the beautiful SunPatines. SunPatines is a hybrid of New Guinea Impatiens, which have the good parts from the traditional Impatiens and improve on some of its weaker points. Some of the key features for the SunPatines are;

  • Stronger acclimatisation

  • Thrive under high heat, rain and humidity

  • Full-sun to shade versatility

  • Continuous, non-stop blooming from Spring through Autumn

  • Carefree, low-maintenance plants (low fertilizer requirements, self-cleaning, less weeds)

  • Strong insect and disease resistance (not impacted by DownyMildew, no snails)

Our first cooperation - Sakata

Graff Young Plants join forces with a world leading breeder

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It’s with a great please we can reveal our first cooperation, outside the Graff family, which will be together with Sakata. We have been allowed to help Sakata with their supply chain management of the Osteospermum series; ‘Cape Daisy’.

For further interest or information contact Gert ( or Jesper (

Graff Kristensen establishes new joint company: Graff Young Plants A/S

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Gert Graff, of Danish company Graff Kristensen A/S reports: "It is with great pleasure that we today can announce the establishment of our new joint company, Graff Young Plants A/S.”

"In connection with the implementation of Graff Kristensen A/S's new strategy, it has been our longterm goal to strengthen and expand our young plant business and activities. Based on that, we contacted Jesper in July and shared our thoughts, strategies and plans with him. Soon it became clear to both parties that we had many shared ideas and thoughts about how Graff Kristensen A/S’s young plant business could be further strengthened and developed. We therefore agreed to set up a joint company - Graff Young Plants A/S.

"The company will represent products from several different breeders, while still being strongly rooted in a close collaboration with Graff Breeding A/S."

Jesper Skjellerup Slot says: "I look forward to establishing Graff Young Plants A/S in cooperation with Graff Kristensen A/S. The strategy presented is very professional and future oriented.”

"I am looking forward to developing Graff Young Plants A/S with the portfolio of both Graff Breeding A/S and other international breeders.

"The Graff family has built a strong and trustworthy brand, well known nationally and internationally, which is incredibly important in our industry today."