The company will represent products from several different breeders, while still being strongly rooted in a close collaboration with Graff Breeding A/S."

Jesper, CEO, Graff Young Plants



Sunpatiens vigorous rose pink.jpg

SunPatiens® are the ideal series for general retail assortment, and provide excellent garden performance cross three seasons, making consumers want to come back and buy, year after year.



Q-iRose® are targeting the Miniature Roses market, with strong and healthy roots, strong and stiff stems, side budding and long shelf life. Given the consumer the best experience with roses.

Cape Daisy

Osteospermum Cape Daisy Purple (7).jpg

The market leading series with the widest range available. Our Cape Daisy® series features core main colours as well as unique novelties to differentiate your assortment from the mainstream production.